3 Most Common Diffusers & How They Work [Simple]

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There Are Many Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers…


The Three Most Common:

Ultrasonic or Humidifying Diffusers…

Nebulizing Diffusers…

Evaporative Diffusers…


An ultrasound or cool mist diffuser acts as a humidifier while diffusing the oils with the vapor of the water. Humidifiers use electronic frequencies to create vibrations.

These tiny vibrations carry to the surface of the water where the essential oils are floating. Without using any source of heat, the vibrations vaporize the oil & disperse it into the air.


Nebulizing diffusers work by using an atomizer to blow the oils through a blown glass chamber that breaks the drops of oil into microscopic particles which stay suspended in the air for a length of time.

They are often considered the most powerful type of diffusers! They do not require water or heat to emit essential oils in to the air.


Evaporative diffusers are more of a basic diffuser. They are fairly simple to operate too! A fan in the unit blows air through a filter or pad that has drops of essential oils on it.

The air being blow through the fan causes the oils to be evaporated at a quicker rate than normal. The evaporated oil air is then blown into the room…

Different versions of an evaporative diffuser that do not require a fan to blow air, are usually personal diffusers like bracelets, necklace pendants, pens or even oil inhalers.

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